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Duna International College Budapest

Duna International College Budapest

Duna International College Budapest


Duna is an international college in Budapest-Hungary in the heart of Europe, established in 2010. The College was established and operates in association with prominent university professors from Hungarian state universities. Duna College runs preparatory programs for the applicants who wish to continue their studies at our partner universities in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK, the USA and Canada in 2 different pathways called DRC and TRC.

Our campus is located in Budapest; one of the most beautiful capitals is Europe. The College welcomes students from all around the world. This international campus was established to create a difference and comprehensiveness in education and training. Hundreds of students come to Hungary to study in different fields every year. These students have different academic backgrounds and our college provides preparatory courses to prepare these applicants for their future studies and to equip them with new study disciplines. Applicants who join our training programs will have the opportunity to get accepted into different universities.

We train not just to prepare applicants to get accepted at universities and pass their entrance exams; we wish to create an accurate path of success and progress in life. We provide a wide range of possibilities in higher education along with new trends in teaching and learning that forms the structure and principles of our training plan.


  • Budapest

    Szilágyi Dezső tér,2, 1011, Budapest