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Clark University Bachelor in Chemistry
Clark University

Bachelor in Chemistry

Worcester, USA

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Sep 2023

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Chemistry is a central science that is important to the intellectual and technological advances in society and many of the sciences. The boundaries between chemistry and other science fields are continually blurring and thus chemistry remains an important part of a liberal arts education.

The department offers two tracks leading to a B.A. in chemistry. The requirements for the two tracks are designed to allow students to choose their course work depending upon their ultimate career goals. The Standard Track offers a flexible yet comprehensive chemistry major that is appropriate for those students with an interest in chemistry, but who plan to go into a field in which chemistry is not the major focus such as the health professions (medical, dental, or veterinary school), high school teaching, technical sales, etc. The ACS-certified track meets the entrance requirements for graduate study in chemistry and is recommended for those students with a strong interest in chemistry and a desire for a profession in the chemical sciences. Students are encouraged to consult early with a faculty member in the department to determine the appropriate course plan based on career or post-graduate goals.

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