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CEFAM French-American Business School

CEFAM French-American Business School

CEFAM French-American Business School


CEFAM: French-American Business School

Established in 1986, CEFAM educates future decision-makers and managers who will be putting their skills to work for international companies.

Our highly professional academic system, the same as that used in American business schools, accompanies and guides our students in their future career choices.

  • Choose a truly international school, built on the American model
  • Enjoy 100% of your courses taught in English
  • Choose your university in the United States with no quotas
  • Spend 1 year on an American campus
  • Earn 2 degrees (French and American)

CEFAM provides a French American business education leading to internationally recognized degrees and global careers.

Over 30 years’ Experience in Education in the United States

CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management) was founded in 1986 to respond to the growing internationalization of markets and companies.

The school prepares its students for careers in management through:

  • The content of its programs.
  • Its academic organization, in association with several renowned American universities.

1 Program for 2 Degrees

Two main choices contributed to establishing CEFAM’s primary focus:

  1. Spending part of the program in France before continuing in one of CEFAM’s affiliated universities while simultaneously earning two degrees:
    • One French, the CEFAM degree, recognized in France and in Europe and certified Level I by the French government.
    • The other American, conferred by a prestigious American university accredited by the AACSB (a gold standard for business schools).
  2. Teaching the entire program in English, starting in the first year, thanks to an international faculty.

Studying in the United States

CEFAM is the only school that allows all of its students to study in the United States and obtains a degree from a prestigious, AACSB accredited, American university.

In the United-States, CEFAM students are registered for classes in the partner university and acquire independence, ease, and responsibility.

CEFAM: Your Partner in Success

CEFAM’s faculty and staff have one ambition – the academic, professional, and personal success of all their students.

Our graduates are employed in high-level positions throughout the world.

CEFAM affirms its secular nature by accepting individuals from all faiths, as well as those who do not follow a particular faith and do not abide by discrimination of any kind based on gender, nationality, or its students’ ethnicity.


A French-American Approach to Learning

CEFAM strives to combine the best of both the French and the American academic systems:

  • Quality education and innovative pedagogical methods.
  • A modestly sized school that encourages close working relationships among students, teachers, and administration.
  • A modular program organization that allows students real flexibility, knowledge and skill set enhancement, and a personalized program of study.
  • A wide diversity in the course offering (liberal arts, marketing, management, accounting, languages, and economics).

At CEFAM, we encourage students to find personal fulfillment and bring true meaning to their education and careers.

CEFAM provides access to an excellent education while taking into consideration the needs and expectations of today’s companies in an ever-changing world.

A Company Focused Educational Program

Our faculty’s main objective is to train future decision-makers and managers who will use their skills and know-how to help companies succeed.

Our role is to allow each student to develop his or her own educational path. CEFAM’s Master of Competence® program gives all our students the ability to define their skills, know-how, and attitudes while at the same time building their international personal and career plans.

CEFAM’s academic approach has been specifically designed to develop our students’ professional attitude and guide them in their career choices through:

  • Internships
  • Case studies
  • Academic and extracurricular projects


  • Lyon

    47 rue Sergent Michel Berthet, 69009, Lyon