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Bunka Gakuen University (Bunka Gakuen Daigaku (BWU))

Bunka Gakuen University (Bunka Gakuen Daigaku (BWU))

Bunka Gakuen University (Bunka Gakuen Daigaku (BWU))


Bunka Gakuen University and the Junior College were established in 1950 as Bunka Women's Junior College, and along with more than half a century of history and tradition, we have cultivated a unique educational philosophy as pioneers in the study of fashion and lifestyle/creative fields. The field of learning was further expanded in 1991 when the Department of Intercultural Studies and the Department of English Language and Literature were established in the Faculty of Literature, as well as the 2000 establishment of the Department of Health Psychology in the same Faculty. In the same year, the Faculty of Home Economics was divided into the Faculty of Fashion Science and the Faculty of Art and Design. At present, together with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Junior College, the University leads Japan’s research and development in the fields of fashion, art and design, and living environments, as well as cultivating human resources capable of responding to the challenges of society’s ongoing globalization.

As a comprehensive educational institution with the establishment of its Graduate Schools and Junior College, as well as an affiliated high school, junior high school, and kindergarten, Bunka Gakuen University has established its own education and research system—the subject of increasingly great expectations from the community in recent years. With the institution’s name change to Bunka Gakuen University and Bunka Gakuen University Junior College in 2011 and the start of co-education in all undergraduate departments in 2012, and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences(now the Faculty of Intercultural Studies) was relocated from Kodaira campus to the campus in Shinjuku New Urban City, we have taken some major steps toward the future.


  • Shibuya City

    3-22-1 Yoyogi, 151-8523, Shibuya City