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Boise Bible College

Boise Bible College

Boise Bible College


Your Christian college experience should be of high quality. To that goal the classes you experience and degree you pursue will equip you, all within a supportive community. On this journey, you should feel like you belong in an accepting environment where you deepen your relationship with Jesus while being equipped to advance the gospel worldwide through vocational ministry or in the marketplace.

Becoming a part of Boise Bible College means you are joining a much larger community that extends around the world.

When First Church of Christ in Boise, Idaho started this Bible college as a training school for Pacific Northwest ministers in 1945, Boise Bible College’s future impact was unknown. There were just a few students in those early years, but the primary mission remains the same:

To equip servant leaders for the church worldwide.


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    West Marigold Street,8695, 83714, Boise