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びわこ学院大学/びわこ学院大学Junior College is a university located in the quiet countryside of Koto. The characteristic of our university is "small university". At private universities, which are said to be famous schools, it is not uncommon for about 500 students to take classes, and 800 mammoth lectures are also held. As a general rule, our university has a system in which professors and students sit on their knees to "teach and learn", centering on small class lectures.

Originally, the scale of the university as an academic community is ideal for the scale of the university. In order to grow into a member of society by establishing not only specialized knowledge but also solid values and worldviews, we have established a guidance system that suits each individual's individuality. At the Biwa Gaku Career School, we support the university so that it can develop career paths that match the individuality of each student. For students who are uncertain about their future, we have a curriculum and guidance system that allows them to have dreams and realize them. In particular, we recognize that career security after graduation is an important educational issue, and aim for education that allows us to design a solid life after graduation.


  • Higashiomi

    滋賀県東近江市布施町 29, 527-8533, Higashiomi