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Since its opening,青森大学has operated the university based on the basic principles of "practical education backed by rich humanity and basic academic ability," "student-centered university," and "university that lives with the community." We have produced talented human resources and have now developed into a comprehensive university with four faculties of liberal arts, the Faculty of Comprehensive Business, the Faculty of Sociology, the Faculty of Software and Information Science, and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

However, in order to realize further development in the midst of large and rapid changes in the environment, in order to return to the philosophy and utilize its spirit, the university has made a major change with the "青森大学Vision 2018". We are doing.

青森大学Vision 2018 (AU Vision 2018) consists of three pillars: "Global Region University," "Pointed University," and "Satisfaction of Stakeholders."


  • Aomori

    青森県青森市幸畑2-3-1, 030-0943, Aomori