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Allegheny Wesleyan College

Allegheny Wesleyan College

Allegheny Wesleyan College


Allegheny Wesleyan College prepares students to effectively serve God, the church, and society by providing a Biblical education in a spiritual, social, and academic environment based on the conservative Wesleyan tradition.

Allegheny Wesleyan College bases its programs on the biblical philosophy acknowledging basic truths regarding man’s origin, purpose, and destiny. Central to this philosophy is the conviction that God has spoken, that He has spoken the truth and that His truth is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, we recognize Christian faith and philosophy as the basis for the interpretation of knowledge in all learning fields. We hold firmly to the belief that all knowledge in all areas of scholarship originates with God.


  • Salem

    Woodsdale Road,2161, 44460, Salem