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Al Buraimi University College

Al Buraimi University College

Al Buraimi University College


Al Buraimi University College is the first university college in Al Buraimi Governorate. Its establishment was an immediate interpretation act and a true response to the supreme call of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed, may he rest in peace, to the private sector to start investing in higher education through establishing new private academic institutions committed to sustaining greater educational opportunities in diverse academic fields for the Omani prospective students with the aim of meeting the needs of the local labor market with skilled local potentials to cope with the global economic changes.

The study at the college commenced at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year (2003 – 2004) was a dynamic starting point based on the incredible experience of partnership with California State University for the purpose of achieving the extreme benefit of its experiences and advanced academic expertise in academic fields of study, scientific research, quality assurance, etc. Furthermore, the valuable administrative and technical assistance of the Ministry of Higher Education has considerably assisted the college to pioneer the other colleges and universities in the region.

The honorable directions of His Majesty, may he rest in peace, have been the cornerstone for establishing basic rules and effective practices for the academic institutions to develop academic knowledge and professional skills. This, in turn, would enable the present and next generations to effectively and creatively serve the community and the country. In addition, the physical and intellectual support offered to the academic faculties has prompted sustaining the highest educational standards compatible with the international quality criteria.

The administrative and academic staff of the college has paid considerable attention to these essentials starting from establishing facilities conducive to innovation, experimentation, and creativity at the new campus, embracing up-to-date teaching techniques, and finally building competent human resources capable of delivering knowledge to the students to promote the welfare and progress of the country.

Since its establishment in 2003, the library of Al Buraimi University College has been linked and developed in the fields of higher education and scientific researches. It has grown to achieve development in the fields of general knowledge, Information technology, Business Administration, English, law, and documentation needs of its users. The library offers a variety of services for the users. In the library are now more than 10000 Books in different specializations.


Our students and faculty are leading voices in the economic and cultural development of the nation, both locally and regionally.


To provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the well-being of our nation and to actively involve our faculty and staff in the advancement of the public, business, and non-profit sectors of the society.


Citizenship: We actively promote loyalty and belonging to the country, contributing to a democratic society and free economy.

Transparency: We openly convey our ideas, decisions, and outcomes to our governing agencies and the public, ensuring trust in our organization.

Teamwork: We work together as one family to achieve our mission, cultivating a collective commitment, spirit, and pride in our organizational goals and accomplishments.

Partnerships: We seek high involvement and spirited participation by others in our deliberations and choices, collaborating across boundaries to achieve shared goals.

Organizational Learning: We encourage the development of new ideas and practices, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and educational leadership.

Flexibility: We continuously scan our environment for practices and ideas to enhance the educational experience, embracing change and taking needed action in a timely manner.

BUC Graduate Attributes

“BUC students are expected to acquire the following academic abilities, personal qualities, and professional skills during their undergraduate studies. These skills make their attributes after graduation.”

  1. Oral and Written Communication
    Ability to communicate arguments and ideas clearly in oral, visual, and written forms and to various audiences.
  2. Critical Thinking
    Ability to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information from various sources to formulate their own understanding.
  3. Problem-solving
    Ability to apply a logical and methodical approach to define and investigate problems and formulate creative solutions.
  4. Ethical Decision Making
    Autonomous individuals able of personal and project management skills including organization, working to a deadline, time and resources management, and an awareness of relevant ethical and legal frameworks.
  5. Technology Skills
    Advanced IT competencies and proficiency in the use of internet sources.
  6. Team-work Spirit
    Ability to work as part of a diverse team with multiple perspectives showing interpersonal skills and an appreciation for sharing, cooperating, and working towards common goals.
  7. Value Citizenship, Locally and Globally
    Loyalty and a strong commitment to the social, economic, and cultural development of the nation and an understanding of diversity issues and international contemporary issues.
  8. Value Diversity
    Respect for the diversity of different perspectives and inter-cultural awareness that fosters multi-cultural competence and open-mindedness.


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