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Education at愛知文教大学is a "reversal power education" that makes it possible to do what seems impossible now with the power of language and the heart of Japan. With the progress of social and economic globalization, there are many situations where communication in foreign languages such as English and Chinese is required. As exchanges between different cultures become more and more active, it is also necessary to have the ability to understand the cultures of other countries and disseminate Japanese culture to the world. In response to these changes in the times, we have established an educational system for acquiring practical languages, such as a cross-grade curriculum by level, small-group education, and the establishment of a language learning lounge. In addition, you can learn practical languages on a daily basis while interacting with international students of the International Japan Course.

In addition, we are conducting Asian language training with full stipends so that all students can experience studying abroad at least once while they are still in school, and we are actively promoting study abroad at affiliated schools in Europe, the United States, and China. Through such overseas study, in addition to language skills, you will acquire the independence required by society and the ability to act on your own. And another feature of our university is the study of Japanese culture. "Komaki Gaku" and "Inuyama Gaku" to learn the history and culture of the hometown with fieldwork, "Nobunaga Gaku" to learn from various aspects of Oda Nobunaga's life, and "Michi Program" to learn traditional culture through experience. Beginning with a wide range of studies in history and literature, we will cultivate the "basic Japanese skills" and "intercultural understanding" that are needed now that the world has become familiar. Please expand your possibilities with "Reversal Power Education" at愛知文教大学.


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