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9 BSc Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics 2024



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BSc Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics

The bachelor’s degree serves as the starting point for students in their education. Once a degree is earned, students can decide whether they want to start their career or continue their education. If they choose the latter, it usually takes the form of a master's program.

What is a BSc in International Economics? It is a more specialized focus in the broader category of economics. International economics students develop an understanding of the subtleties of moving goods across borders, both geographically and political. You will need to be able to solve specific problems that only arise in this field, usually involving taxation, policy, and currency exchange rates. It is also vital that students understand the impact international trading has on developing economies.

Students in international economics benefit by becoming masters in a very specialized field. They are equipped with insight that ordinary economists lack. This expertise is creating more demand for international specialists as the world becomes more thoroughly interconnected. There is also a strong emphasis placed on critical thinking skills.

The cost of taking an international economics program varies a great deal. The school, program, and even country of study will all play roles in determining the cost. Looking into different options before enrolling is a very wise practice.

The most common area of work that graduates can attain is in government agencies, developing policies and helping strengthen the economy. Research and analytical positions are possible. Alternatively, some of the larger independent corporations also require international economists to make sense of tariffs, quotas, trade agreements, exchange rates, differing policies, and taxes. Some of the largest companies have entire economic departments, with permanent work or leadership positions available. It is also possible to work in education.

To get started in international economics, research different schools and programs to find one that matches your needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.