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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 7 Bachelors of Business Administration  (BBA) in Sustainability Studies 2023

7 BBA Programs in Sustainability Studies 2023


Upon completion of secondary school, many students choose to continue their education at a college or university. Some choose to pursue a BBA, or Bachelor’s of Business Administration. In this type of program students may learn about the functional characteristics of a business organization and choose to specialize in a particular aspect or field of commerce.

What is a BBA in Sustainability? A bachelor’s degree in sustainability is a four-year program that can prepare students to advise corporations on surviving and thriving in the modern economy. Students learn about such topics as responsible investment practices, consumer behavior and entrepreneurship. Many programs focus on environmental sustainability. Classes may encourage students to combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Coursework may require students to conduct theoretical analysis, complete research projects or intern with real corporations.

Participants can gain many valuable skills in a sustainability program. They are encouraged to assess information from a variety of sources and make forward-thinking decisions that are goal-oriented, but flexible. This practice can be valuable in a student’s personal as well as professional life.

Although students can greatly increase their earning potential by completing a BBA, the program is not necessarily costly. Tuition will vary depending on the institution. Prospective students should contact universities directly for more information.

Sustainability is a growing field with many job opportunities. Students can find work with local or international corporations, helping them to apply sustainable practices to their current business model. They may work for scientific research labs dedicated to finding new sources of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. Others may support water and land conservation efforts. Some graduates will work for a university, nonprofit organization or government to educate others and promote practices and laws that support sustainability.

Many colleges and universities offer a BBA in Sustainability, either through full- or part-time study or via online classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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