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51 Bachelor Programs in Singapore for 2024



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  • Design Studies (5)
  • Economic Studies (5)
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Bachelor Programs in Singapore

National test scores attest to the high quality of education in Singapore: students consistently rank in the top five in the world on standardized math and science tests. The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technical University are consistently ranked in the list of the world's top 100 universities; a number of international foreign universities, such as the European University, have also established Bachelor programs in Singapore, giving students the opportunity to study in an American or European university format. In addition to providing Bachelor students in Singapore with essential knowledge and skills, preparing them for a successful career or continuing education, international schools also foster a first-hand awareness of globalization and intercultural exchange.

International Relations, Business Finance, Multimedia Management, Communication, Sports Management, Business Administration and Leisure and Tourism Management are just some of the Bachelor programs available at universities and colleges in Singapore. Bachelor programs typically last three years and admission is based on performance on entrance examinations.

So why not scroll down to find out more about the variety of Bachelor programs offered by universities in Singapore? You can request information direct from the institution in just minutes using a quick and easy web-form.