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242 Bachelor Programs in Poland for 2024



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  • Aviation (2)
  • Business Studies (25)
  • Construction (0)
  • Cosmetology Studies (1)
  • Design Studies (10)
  • Economic Studies (24)
  • Education (10)
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Bachelor Programs in Poland

More and more students are choosing Poland as a destination for a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor in Poland programs are much more affordable compared to other European countries, the quality of education is high according to international standards, and graduates are well rounded individuals who are competent, creative, and are able to think critically. Students can choose Bachelor in Poland programs such as computer science, education, mathematics, physics, economics, and European studies, to name a few.

Poland has a long and rich history and is an excellent example of resilience and perseverance. After suffering many tragedies in it’s past, Poland has experienced incredible development into a modern society with dynamic cities while still being able to maintain traditions. There is much to keep Bachelor in Poland students busy during spare time such as exploring gothic castles, medieval architecture, and the beautiful countryside. Many will find that a Bachelor in Poland is an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth.

Take a look through the Bachelor in Poland programs below and you may find your education waiting for you!