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77 Bachelor Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Marketing Management 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Marketing Management

Marketing management is a field of business that deals with the practical application of all techniques in marketing and also the issue of managing the marketing resources of a firm. The world of marketing has gone through evolution with creativity and technology taking the center stage. This has demanded well-trained and high skilled marketers for effective sales promotion in an organization. Through Bachelor Marketing Management degree program, students from across the world have an opportunity to learn the practical and theoretical skills on modern marketing as a profession. The degree explores the various aspects of marketing management including planning and management of all activities. This is through an in-depth understanding of all channels of marketing with a stable ground in regards to consumer behavior as well as market research.

Learning the best techniques to analyze consumer psychology and the relevant practical skills to develop and build a brand through scientific laws. Bachelor Marketing Management prepares students to become high-class marketing managers. The course is founded on research that will induce the best practical experience through a number industrial attachment, vacation research projects, internships and other field projects. Bachelor Marketing Management is a modern course designed to offer students an opportunity to shape their future marketing careers as brand managers, market researchers and managers in large and international organizations.