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Bachelor Programs in Life Sciences

Many careers require a bachelor’s degree as an entry-level qualification. A bachelor's degree program is generally a targeted approach to your education, featuring course work centered on the area of study. Some programs include general education classes as well.

What is a Bachelor in Life Sciences? Most life science programs include theory as well as practical opportunities in areas such as general training on the use of scientific equipment, analysis, research and laboratory experience. You may choose a broad program or something with a narrow focus from a large variety of disciplines, including plant or agricultural sciences, zoology, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and food science. A bachelor's degree in these areas may prepare you for an immediate career or further study.

Professional capabilities, such as research and analytical skills, are used across the board in science disciplines and are important benefits of earning a Bachelor in Life Sciences. Most programs also improve communication skills, which are useful in both professional and personal relationships.

Finding the right program will depend on many different factors, such as the length of study and the location of the institution, which can impact the cost of the program. Most bachelor's programs may be completed in as few as three years or in as many as five.

Areas of focus can vary, and a bachelor's in life sciences may lead to career opportunities in research, education, or industry. Careers such as lab technician, research scientist, and biochemist are just a few examples of the many employment choices students may have with a life sciences degree. Graduates often go on to pursue advanced degrees or study medicine.

Bachelor in Life Sciences programs are available all around the world, in both distance learning and traditional campus options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.