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141 Bachelor Programs in Ireland for 2024



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  • Design Studies (8)
  • Economic Studies (12)
  • Education (12)
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Bachelor Programs in Ireland

With Bachelor programs in a number of different subjects in such cities as Dublin, Galway, Limerick or Maynooth, there is a considerable variety to chose from when it comes to studying in Ireland. Three- to four-year Bachelor programs in International Business, Journalism, Law, Fine Art, Hospitality Management, Structural Engineering, Politics, Education, Computer Engineering and Foreign Languages are just a few of the fields of study to chose from. With full-time and part-time study modes available, universities in Ireland provide a high level of academic rigor and quality, while still offering accommodating study calendars.

There are two types of Bachelors degrees conferred upon students by universities and technical institutions in Ireland; these are the ordinary bachelors degree and the honours bachelors degree. Admission into an honours bachelor degree may be more difficult or competitive, and the coursework may vary from an ordinary bachelor degree syllabus. There are standard study fees that students are required to pay upon enrollment in a Bachelor program in Ireland, which may differ depending on the institution, but amount to approximately 2,000 Euros at public universities.

To learn more about how you can apply to a Bachelor program at one of these accredited universities or colleges in Ireland, scroll down and read more. You can request information directly from the school in just minutes.