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189 Bachelor Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science

A bachelor degree program provides students with an expansive education in the humanities and social sciences. Students are encouraged to study a variety of fields over the course of earning what is traditionally a four-year degree.

What is a Bachelor in Agricultural Science? A Bachelor in Agricultural Science is a contemporary degree program that encourages students to learn scientific skills to help them understand wider agricultural systems. Undergraduate education provides more detailed and advanced information than can be obtained in on-the-job training. Students will learn technical skills as well as how to use managerial, economic, social and environmental principles to respond to a wide variety of agricultural challenges. At the bachelor level, courses will include biochemistry, botany, plant physiology, land improvement, informatics and agrotechnics.

The advanced skills learned in earning a Bachelor in Agricultural Science will help students move forward in a wide range of plant- and farm-based careers. This education will help improve employment opportunities, as well as teach established agriculturalists new stewardship skills.

The amount of time required to complete a bachelor program varies based on the educational institute providing the degree. This impacts the cost, as does the location of the university. Contact each school with programs you are interested in for more information about the cost.

Students around the world can use the practical knowledge gained in processing, production and marketing to further their careers. A wide range of jobs are available to those who obtain a Bachelor in Agricultural Science, including horticultural advisor, farm manager, horticulture sales or business manager, fruit and vegetable grower, park manager and entrepreneurship, including developing products and establishing non-traditional markets for horticulture.

Earning a Bachelor in Agricultural Science could launch you into a wide range of in-demand careers. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.