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3 BA Programs in Russian studies 2024



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    BA Programs in Russian studies

    After high school or secondary school, you can study for three to five years to earn a Bachelor of Arts, also called a BA. This degree combines general liberal arts studies with specific knowledge in your chosen field in the social sciences, fine arts or humanities.

    So, what is a BA in Russian Studies? This degree focuses on the history and culture of Russia and some of the nearby countries. While learning Russian is usually part of this study, other areas include art, politics, economics and industry. You can choose to focus on one of these areas or get a broader understanding of Russia and everything relating to this country. This degree can also be useful as a starting point for advanced studies.

    A Russian studies degree can teach you to be bilingual and improve your communication and critical thinking. Knowing two languages and having good communication skills is useful for public speaking and social situations. Critical thinking can help you solve complex problems.

    Some costs of obtaining a degree, such as registration and course fees, vary depending on the school you choose. You should also include books, transportation, food and lodging in your budget.

    The kind of career you can seek with a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies depends on the area you choose to focus on. Studying primarily the language means you can look for a job in translation and other cross-cultural affairs. Studying history can lead to a job as a librarian or museum curator. A job as a legal consultant or trade negotiator can come from focusing on politics, economics or history. Companies hiring graduates with this degree include economic firms and humanitarian agencies.

    Studying a certain country or culture can often be done at the source, but there are schools outside Russia that also offer programs focusing on this important country. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.