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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 17 Bachelors of Arts  (BA) in Product Design 2024

17 BA Programs in Product Design 2024


A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is a degree available in institutions of higher learning all around the world. The degree generally takes three or four years to complete and provides education in a specialized field. Students pursuing a BA in Product Design are preparing for a creative and innovative career.

What is a BA in Product Design? Interdisciplinary in nature, product design follows new ideas from conception to completion, encompassing all steps along the way. Courses in design history, process and methodology are coupled with studies in visual language and digital imaging. Social and ecological aspects of design development are addressed through classes in consumer psychology and international environmental guidelines. Hands-on experience is provided in workshops equipped with the tools needed to translate ideas into visual form and test products for consumer use.

Students benefit from the opportunity to express creativity while developing skills to bring abstract ideas into physical form. Personal growth is seen through the program’s emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking.

Cost to pursue a BA will vary according to location, institution and curriculum. Students should research their options and select the program that best suits their interests and goals.

The role of a product designer is critical to businesses; thus the employment outlook for graduates is excellent. Positions are available in any of the facets of development as well as the entire process. Managers are also needed to oversee projects. Product designers are frequently sought as researchers because of their training in the observation of consumer trends. Graduates may wish to form their own businesses or act as independent consultants for other companies. A BA can also lay the groundwork for pursuit of advanced degrees, which provide greater in-depth knowledge to increase marketability and open the door to academic careers.

To put your creativity into action by starting on an exciting career path, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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