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6 BA Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics 2024



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BA Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics

With a Bachelor of Arts (BA), graduates often gain the qualifications necessary to obtain a number of high-paying careers. Earning this liberal arts-based degree usually takes about four years.

What is a BA in International Economics? This degree offers a level of higher education that often equips students with the analytical insight that many far-reaching enterprises look for in job candidates for high-level positions. Some of the topics that program participants may study include statistics, business administration, and the economy of developing countries. Students might enjoy a math-heavy curriculum that also teaches them about the basics of running a business and how to analyze economies of countries around the world.

There are numerous advantages to taking the international economics educational path. The courses help to broaden learners’ perspectives and enhance their logic, reasoning, and analytical skills. These are all skills that individuals can use to advance quickly in their careers.

Program costs for a bachelor’s degree in international economics will vary by institution. For accurate information on the costs involved, students should contact the administrative office of the school of their choice.

Students who choose to pursue a BA in International Economics may find, upon graduation, that there is a great demand for professionals with this major. Some of the positions an individual may obtain after program completion include financial analyst, legislative assistant, economist, and intelligence officer. The demand for these positions continues to grow. Those who undertake this line of study may also become strong critical thinkers, enabling them to understand the factors involved in solving complex problems and assessing cultural differences.

Programs for an international economics degree are available at many universities and colleges. Students who prefer online classes may have the option of doing so with this major. If you are ready to start working toward earning this degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.