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46 BA Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management 2024



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BA Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management

A Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree. It is often the first college-level degree people earn, but some students may get an associate’s degree first. Most BA programs last three to five years.

What is a BA in Human Resource Management? Human resource management is the study of managing individuals in a business context. Students may be introduced to modern human resource management theories to give them a creative-thinking basis they can use to solve problems. Scholars may be expected to complete certain courses, such as organizations and management, people resourcing, employee rewards, diversity in businesses, and managing the employment relationship.

This area of study helps participants build their interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. These abilities are an integral part of many careers, which means graduates can be competitive applicants who may be able to get higher salaries than others with a different education background.

How much does a BA in Human Resource Management cost? There is no set price, so applicants may want to reach out to different universities to get an estimate before committing to a program.

Because human resource management is an essential part of an organization’s growth, graduates with this education may have a variety of opportunities available to them. Even though this education focuses on human resources, students may not be limited to jobs within human resource departments. For example, some graduates with this degree have gone on to become employment researchers and entrepreneurs. Others have taken a more traditional path into positions including recruitment specialist, human resource director and employee training consultant.

You may be able to find a BA in Human Resource Management program at universities around the world. Some schools offer online programs, which allows anyone to participate in this learning. To apply or get more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.