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30 BA Programs in Game Design 2024

    BA Programs in Game Design

    A Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded to a student who completes an undergraduate program in the liberal arts. It may focus on a specific area of study in addition to promoting skills in critical thinking and written and oral communication. Completion typically requires three to four years of study.

    What is a BA in Game Design? This bachelor’s degree is a pre-professional program that prepares students to enter the competitive game design and game development industry. It is an interdisciplinary degree that combines mathematics, computer skills, art, project management and more to equip the graduate with a broad range of applicable skills for game production.

    The benefits of this type of degree are many. A student can expect to achieve competence in electronic art and design as well as gain practical knowledge of trending structures, rules and goals of contemporary games. A bachelor’s degree in game design can provide a foundation for successful collaboration with peers and professionals through labs and projects. Working on projects with a variety of individuals may not only highlight and develop strengths, but also enable a student to recognize how to build a diverse and successful team.

    The cost of a bachelor’s degree varies program to program. It is best to contact the admission office of the university of your choice to find out its tuition and application fees.

    While the game design field may be competitive, there are multiple, expanding options for someone with a bachelor’s degree in game design. Programmers work with art designers to create the code that both forms the structure of the games and distinguishes levels of play. A graduate may go into sound, art design, modeling, or story creation. Artists are required for texture and environmental design. Games may take years to develop and produce for market, requiring project managers. There are opportunities for professional game testers as well.

    There are bachelor degree programs in game design offered at many universities across the globe. Our database provides all the information you need to find the right university to help you start your career in game design. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.