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17 BA Programs in Digital Communication 2024


Earning a bachelor’s degree in can open up many doors of opportunity for the students who obtain it. This degree helps graduates qualify for some of the most exciting new career paths in the job market. For many, this credential lays the foundation for getting a fulfilling career that allows them to maximize usage of their talents and education.

What is a BA in Digital Communication? A digital communication degree is a major wherein students gain practical knowledge and experience in understanding and applying the theories driving multimedia technology and digital data transmissions. Those who choose this educational path learn how to use some of the most cutting-edge multimedia equipment and technologies the current market has to offer. They learn how to develop and design digital media, as may be required to create either a multi-platform website or a digital movie as their thesis project.

There are many things that may motivate students to choose digital communications as their major. This degree can be especially appealing to creative types who have a flair for technology. It helps refine skills such as problem solving, innovative thinking, marketing, planning, and organizing.

The cost of getting a bachelor's in digital communications tends to vary from one institution to the next, as can the curriculum. Just as with most BA programs, it can take between three to four years for a student to graduate.

Students who succeed in obtaining this kind of bachelor’s degree may find careers in media production, technical writing, and graphic design assisting. Thanks to the advancement of technology, these careers are growing in demand as more companies catch up with modern times. Some graduates even use their educational experience to become successful freelancers and internet marketers.

This degree program is still relatively new. However, there are a number of colleges and universities that offer this major. Often, taking courses online is an available option for those following this educational path. To learn more about this program, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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