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    BA Programs in Communication

    Many students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, or a three-to-four-year internationally recognized academic degree, do so in order to achieve higher-paying positions within a particular industry. Others choose to do so as a means to obtaining a more advanced degree. Regardless of one’s reasoning in seeking a Bachelor of Arts, doing so typically leads to a higher salary and increased career opportunities within a given field.

    Just what is a BA in Communication? The Bachelor of Arts in Communication readies students for a broad range of media-related positions. Students in this course of study should expect to further their writing skills, perform highly complex conceptual analysis and develop critical thinking skills, as well as closely study the laws and ethical guidelines of media and communications. Students will also train using tools and modern-day media technology commonly used within the communications field.

    Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication are generally able to command better salaries than their less-educated counterparts, and are prepared to work in a variety of media-related contexts. They may also choose to purse a Master of Communication or a similar degree, if desired.

    Like most educational opportunities, the cost of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication varies substantially based on the length and prestige of the program and the geographical area in which it is taken.

    Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication have the skills necessary to succeed in both for and non-profit sectors. Many graduates go on to work as public relations or marketing specialists, corporate trainers, political campaign directors or managers, account executives, human resources professionals or sales representatives, among other related careers.

    To find a Bachelor of Arts in Communication program that fits your needs, explore our extensive database of programs, or utilize the lead form provided to help link you with a program well-suited to your needs and wants.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.