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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 2 Bachelors of Arts  (BA) in Chemical Engineering 2024

2 BA Programs in Chemical Engineering 2024


Degrees are beneficial to have when aspiring to pursue certain career paths. A Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree that typically involves the study of a variety of liberal arts subjects. It will also help prepare students who are planning on attending graduate school.

What is a BA in Chemical Engineering? A BA in Chemical Engineering typically takes four years to complete, and it incorporates some elements of the liberal arts into the engineering curriculum. It applies the principles of chemistry, physics, and engineering. Students will be equipped with knowledge about the design of plant equipment as well as how chemicals are manufactured. Courses typically include introduction to chemical engineering, organic chemistry, and fluid mechanics. Many degree programs include practical training and laboratory experience, as well as preparation for further study in graduate school.

There are many benefits for obtaining a BA in Chemical Engineering. The program offers students the opportunity to sharpen their skills in a variety of subjects such as physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry. This leads to a well-rounded individual who has the foundational knowledge to succeed in a variety of careers.

Some universities offer classes online as well as on campus. There is a lot of variation between institutions, so it is important to thoroughly research the tuition and possible fees of each school before making a final decision.

The field is extremely diverse, with job offerings all over the globe. Some graduates pursue a career in medicine or research and development. There are also opportunities as technical managers, process-design engineers, plant-process engineers, quality-control engineers, environmental engineers, or process-safety engineers. Each path relies on the knowledge and skills that will be gained through the obtainment of a bachelor’s degree.

For individuals who have a unique schedule or live around the world, online classes are a convenient option. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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