Student visa for Indonesia

All foreign students accepted to study in an Indonesian university need to get a student visa. There are two types of student visas available:

  1. Social visit visa - single-entry, best for exchange students.
  2. Limited stay visa - for long-term studies only.

At some Indonesian embassies (e.g. Finland, Austria) it has been possible to apply for the Visa Type 211 (Tourist Visa). This visa can be converted into a sponsored Social Visit Visa upon arriving in Indonesia. Inquire at your local Indonesian embassy for the possibility of applying for this visa.

It is best to apply for the visa at the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country. The Indonesian Immigration department now also allows for an online visa application through their website.

Required documents for a student visa to Indonesia include your passport with at least one empty page for the visa (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after leaving Indonesia), a copy of your airline ticket or an electronic ticket, the official acceptance letter from the host university, and an Embassy Letter. Embassy Letters, prepared by the host university, confirm that a certain student is in need of a Social Visit visa. An Embassy Letter is always addressed to the Indonesian embassy or consulate of a certain country: by default this will be the student’s home country.

It is recommended to apply for a student visa at least 14 days before leaving for Indonesia. It is best to apply for a visa immediately after receiving the official acceptance letter.

You must arrive in Indonesia within 90 days from the day the visa was issued on.

The maximum length of a stay in Indonesia with a Social Visit visa is 60 days, and the visa must be extended at the destination in accordance with the instructions given by the host university. The visa can be extended for one month at a time.

The Limited stay visa is valid for 5 years and needs a renewal every 1 year.

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