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Program Description

Study a Bachelor's in Classical Music in the Netherlands

The Prince Claus Conservatoire feels a strong connection to the northern part of the Netherlands. We are an internationally renowned institute with high standards regarding quality and atmosphere. Our mission is to train inspiring musicians who can make a difference in our society. We challenge you to share your talent and passion for music with the world around you. As a future musician or music teacher you will move the world; by inspiring, motivating and touching people’s hearts.

Programme structure

Your main instrument is the focal point throughout your studies. The first year is mainly an orientation year. You will be attending theoretical classes, as well as taking main instrument classes and learning through practical training and projects. In the second year your knowledge and skills will be broadened and deepened, in both practical and theoretical subjects. You will be studying the foundations of musical entrepreneurship and teaching. In the third and fourth year, a lot of time is invested in didactical subjects with a focus on work placements (internal, external and project internships). You can make your own choice in terms of optional modules, that fit your interest or capabilities. You may participate in an international exchange programme. In the final year, you focus on your main instrument, leading to a graduation concert.

Much of your time will be devoted to studying. Playing in an ensemble or orchestra is an essential part of the curriculum. In addition to many heterogeneous chamber music ensembles, the Conservatoire also has a percussion ensemble and a choir. Large vocal ensembles, string ensembles, and wind ensembles are set up as music productions in project form.

There are plenty of opportunities to gain performing experience, through orchestras, at chamber music evenings, in solo performances or in master classes and concerts, both within the conservatoire and outside. You also attend regular workshops and master classes given by internationally renowned musicians.

Admission requirements

All applicants must perform at the entrance exams, held in the Spring period. This exam consists of two parts: a theory or oral test, and an audition. Each part is approximately 30 minutes in duration and both take place on the same day. It is most likely that you will hear on the same day whether you can be admitted to the Conservatoire. In special cases, it is possible to send in a DVD instead of doing an audition.

Skype audition for non-European students

If you are a non-European student you may be allowed to do an audition by DVD. Your DVD audition will be followed by a Skype audition. The content of the Skype audition will be based on the DVD. Your admissibility will be based on your two auditions.

Career prospects

After graduation, you can work as a performing musician in an ensemble, in an orchestra or as a soloist. Perhaps it is your ambition to play in a renowned symphony orchestra or in one of the Dutch professional military ensembles, or you may wish to become a member of a professional or semi-professional chamber choir. Many of our graduates combine playing (chamber music) with teaching at a music school, or they give private lessons. Some perform solo in international concerts. Whatever your future path is going to be, at the Prince Claus Conservatoire (PCC) you will be trained to become a versatile musician of the highest quality. If you also studied for a teaching qualification, you can work at a music school or as a private teacher. Most graduates are self-employed, pursuing ‘portfolio careers’ that combine performance with teaching.

Studying at the Prince Claus Conservatoire means that you will be immersed in an inspiring international environment. We are known internationally for our innovative ideas on studying music. We are convinced that having close contact with our students is of great importance, you are not anonymous when you choose to study with us. We have gained the title Best Conservatoire of the Netherlands a number of times.

Last updated February 2018

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