Bachelor's in Biology


Program Description

The bachelor of science in biology is a multidisciplinary program combining rigorous foundations in biology, chemistry, and physics.

The biology program is designed to prepare students for careers in allied health fields including physical therapy, occupational therapy and pharmacy, entry-level placement in pharmaceutical and biomedical research laboratories, admission into graduate, medical and professional schools, and teaching.

The major provides all biology students with a core set of courses introducing the basic concepts of life science and an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of biological processes and the diversity of organisms. A subsequent series of courses provides a broad biological base for advanced work in specific concentration areas.

The program places heavy emphasis on methodology through laboratory experiences that provide students with state-of-the-art lab skills.

The student will complete an internship, a research project with a faculty mentor, or participate in student teaching where experience is gained in a research, allied health, or teaching environment.

Biology students also participate in a Senior Seminar course where a short thesis is written based on either laboratory-based or library-based research.

Please note that students should begin coursework towards the Biology major, tracks in Biological Sciences or Health Science or the biology minor no later than the first semester of their sophomore year.

Students considering the Biology major, tracks in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Pre‑Medicine, and Pre‑Dentistry should begin coursework during their first semester of study at the college. Failing to do so could prevent them from completing the necessary requirements or require students to do coursework in the summer.

Students completing a BS in Biology at Cabrini University must complete the Biology Core courses in addition to courses required for a track.

Learning Outcomes

Biology majors will:

  • have an understanding of foundational biological, chemical, and physical science concepts, as emphasized in the core science course requirements
  • demonstrate the ability to apply the scientific method and will possess problem solving skills necessary to design, conduct, and troubleshoot experiments and to test a hypothesis
  • acquire the critical thinking skills, analytical and quantitative skills necessary to read, understand, and critically review scientific papers and to interpret and analyze data presented in various forms (e.g., graphs, tables, narrative)
  • develop written and oral communication skills necessary to present scientific ideas to multiple audiences using the accepted format of the discipline
  • acquire basic proficiency in computational skills, lab techniques, and use of technology necessary for entry into the science workplace and/or graduate/professional schools

Cabrini University is located in a safe community a short train ride from Philadelphia.We are minutes away from King of Prussia Mall the largest shopping complex on the East Coast, and less than three hours from New York City and Washington, D.C.

The average academic and need based scholarship is $23,000.00.Our total estimated cost is $46,000.00 Cabrini is ranked as a top small university and a best value for students with over 35 academic majors.

Student teacher ratio 16 to 1

Average class size 16

92% of full time faculty have their doctorate or terminal degree.

92% of Cabrini graduates are employed, in graduate school, or completing a year of service within 10 months of graduating.

Last updated Mar 2019

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About the School

Founded in 1957, Cabrini University is a residential Catholic institution in Pennsylvania that welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

Founded in 1957, Cabrini University is a residential Catholic institution in Pennsylvania that welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. Read less