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Students who wish to have a well-rounded education that covers several traditional subjects should explore a liberal arts program. They can expect to find employment in a vast array of career paths in the public and private sector.

Bachelor in Liberal Arts in Spain

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CIS Endicott International

Liberal Studies is a 65-credit program consisting of courses in the areas of business and humanities. The program offers students general requirements, as well as electiv ... [+]

In taking Liberal Studies courses that cover a multitude of varied disciplines, students are able to explore a wide range of liberal arts subjects, discovering the powerful and undeniable connections between fields like politics, literature, science, sociology, art, and history. Exposure to multiple areas of students with a broad knowledge base and enhanced critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Internships are an integral part of the curriculum. Through actual work experience during the program, students are better prepared for their future professions. Possible internships include experience in art galleries, museums, hotels, as well as art and events management companies — and much more.... [-]

Spain Community of Madrid
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