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Top Bachelors in Art Studies in Guadalajara Mexico

The Arts involves programs of an abstract nature, and typically universities divide the schools of Arts from schools of Science. The benefits offered to the community by the arts are more creative and geared towards intellectual thinking.

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Working may require a work visa, which is difficult to get if you just want to freelance for a short time. Most of the government funded universities on mayor cities (state capital) have short courses on history, gastronomy and cultural subjects, most of them are almost free.

Guadalajara city is Mexico’s second most populated municipality. It has always been a center of attraction for learners and educators because of the most famous university founded here back in 1791 (University of Guadalajara). This university was also ranked among top 5 universities in whole Mexico.

Best Bachelor's Degree in Art Studies in Guadalajara in Mexico

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Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

Being an Industrial Designer UAG. He studied at the best university in Guadalajara. You will be a professional with extensive knowledge in development of competitive prod ... [+]

Being an Industrial Designer UAG

He studied at the best university in Guadalajara

You will be a professional with extensive knowledge in development of competitive products. You will realize related to innovation and high design value activities.

Have integrated vision of technologies, scientific and methodological aspects, focusing on production in terms of business or professional results.

Creates innovative products of high competitiveness

Desirably you have some of the following characteristics:

Creativity and imagination. innovative spirit. Leadership. artistic sensibility.

The curriculum consists of 10 semesters (3 years, 4 months). When complete it will be able to continue and finish in a short time postgraduate studies in different areas of specialty or Masters offered by UAG within its flexible model, which giving you articulates the opportunity to get your automatic qualification Bachelor and your specialty in 1 semester and also earn credits to pursue your Master in less time. With this system you save time and you join the work force with better skills and academic degrees.... [-]

Mexico Guadalajara
July 2020
40 months
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