Top Bachelor's Programs in Art Studies in Asia 2019/2020

A bachelor's degree is a hallmark of higher education. It is given to those who dedicate three to seven years studying a specific program. A bachelor's degree can be earned in a variety of disciplines in the arts and sciences.

The Arts refers to programs that focus on intellectual type topics that are not always as straightforward as science and math. Those wishing to play a creative role in contributing to the community would be interested in the arts.

Bachelor Degree in Art Studies in Asia

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BFA in Computer Game Design

George Mason University Korea
Campus Full-time 4 years March 2020 South Korea Incheon

The 120-credit Computer Game Design program enables students to focus on the artistic components of computer game design while providing them with the technical skills prerequisite to the field.

Bachelor in Photography

Budapest Metropolitan University
Campus Full-time 6 semesters Request Info Hungary Budapest Turkey Antalya + 2 more

Photography is able to simultaneously recreate the world of facts, imagination, fiction and dreams. We encourage our students to express their ideas through the means offered by this creative outlet; we teach them how to use the visual design language of photography with analog- and digital technical tools.

Bachelor of Computer Science: Multimedia and Game Development

The University of Wollongong in Dubai
Campus Full-time 4 years February 2020 United Arab Emirates Dubai

The Multimedia and Game Development major has been designed to meet the current global demand for skilled graduates in the areas of game and multimedia system development. This major will equip you with skills to apply techniques to the development of video games and related systems on computers and mobile platforms, including devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices. You will be able to identify approaches to solving real-world problems in video games and multimedia systems. In addition, you will develop both traditional computer science skills as well as creative skills including visualization, interaction and communication skills.

Bachelor in Digital Game Design

Bahcesehir University
Campus Full-time 8 semesters September 2020 Turkey Istanbul

In our day, especially with the developments in the mobile platforms and internet technologies, computer games have become rather prevalent in our country, as they are across the world, and have turned into a popular media consumed by wide masses without differentiation across gender or age.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema

Mapúa Institute of Technology
Campus Full-time November 2019 Philippines Manila

This program is designed to train students who will join the ranks of the new breed of independent filmmakers in the rapidly growing field of digital cinema.

Bachelor of Animation

SAE Institute UAE
Campus Full-time 6 - 8 semesters Request Info United Arab Emirates Dubai

Undertake the Bachelor of Animation at SAE and build your expertise in all facets of Animation. Students will develop fundamental skills and knowledge in this exciting industry in areas such as 3D modeling, character animation, rigging, textures, project management, teamwork, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

Bachelor of Music in Music

European University Cyprus
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Cyprus Nicosia

The aim of the Music Program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for a career as music teachers and as professional musicians in solo and ensemble performance contexts.

Bachelor of Applied Arts major in Visual Design

Miriam College
Campus Full-time 4 years November 2019 Philippines Manila

The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Visual Design is the ideal training ground if you want to have a career in the design profession and creative industries. The program will provide you a strong understanding of art, design, and culture. You will be taught how to develop creative thinking strategies and produce effective and innovative solutions to visual communication design challenges, using multimedia platforms, techniques in classical drawing, and new digital media formats.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Minin University
Campus Full-time Request Info Russia Nizhny Novgorod

Dream to become a true master of a pen? To have outstanding oratory skills and sear the hearts of men with a righteous word? Are you in love with theater and have reviewed all the latest and classical productions?

Bachelor in YOKOHAMA Creative-City Studies (YCCS)

Yokohama National University
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Japan Yokohama

The program offers innovative interdisciplinary courses for future leaders.

Bachelor in Film and Television

Canadian University of Bangladesh
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Bangladesh Dhaka

Film and Television program provides students with a golden opportunity to learn the diversified aspects of television journalism, television production, and filmmaking and criticism.

Bachelor in International Liberal Arts: Arts

International College of Liberal Arts - Yamanashi Gakuin University
Campus Full-time April 2020 Japan Kofu

The course has four objectives: First, it introduces the vocabulary and concepts, principles and elements of design, color theory, and so forth, enabling an articulate discussion of art.

Interior Design, B.F.A.

NYIT- Abu Dhabi
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi

N.Y.I.T. is the only school in the tri-state area with both C.I.D.A.-accredited interior design and N.A.A.B.-accredited architecture programs together in the same school. Here you will benefit from the exposure and synergy that derive from the rigor and convergence of these two disciplines, ranging from diverse faculty input to innovative cross-disciplinary studios and design exercises. The program is carefully crafted to expose you to contemporary issues, precedent history and theory, and wide-ranging building, business, and project types as well as the latest media programs—not to mention some of the finest design training available.

Bachelor in Multimedia and Graphic Design

Palestine Polytechnic University
Campus Full-time August 2020 Palestinian Territories Hebron

Multimedia and Graphic Design it aims to prepare qualified and creative students cognitively and professionally to cover the local and international market needs in the field of multimedia and artistic production.

Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music

International College of Music
Campus Full-time 3 years January 2020 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Building on the College’s highly successful previous music degrees in Arranging and Music Production & Technology specialisms, the Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music introduces a broad based route focusing on four core areas demanded of professional musicians in the industry. The full time program is highly career-centric and prepares you for a rewarding multifaceted music career.