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Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IME) is one of the largest scientific and educational divisions of NTUU "KPI". IME provides high-quality training of engineers since 1898. Today, a high-level training is provided by the qualified staff of professors and teachers, modern material and technical base of the departments, use of computer-aided design systems. Institute consists of 8 specialized departments, branch research laboratory, two teaching and research laboratories, certification body of engineering products and quality systems, research and test center "Reliability".

Studying at the IME, one can simultaneously obtain an additional degree in finance and economics or in jurisprudence at the NTUU "KPI". The institute has three specialized councils for certification of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of technical sciences.


1. Department of Dynamics, Strength of Machines and Resistance of Materials provides training bachelors in Applied Mechanics and masters in Dynamics and Strength of Machines in the field of computer and experimental solving of actual applied problems of strength in biomechanics, aviation, motor vehicle industry, shipbuilding, energetics, rocket production and astronautics.

Faculty graduates get in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics, the theory of elasticity, ductility, mechanical vibrations, numerical calculation methods for strength, durability, and reliability of materials and components with the use of PC. Students acquire skills of work with the unique equipment, use of modern systems of computer mathematics (Mathcad, Matlab, Maple) and graphics (KOMPAS 3D, Solidworks, AutoCAD), computer-aided design of machines and calculations in engineering, computer software engineering projects (CAD/CAM/CAE systems) (Autodesk Inventor, FEMAP, ANSYS, MSC.ABACUS, CATIA, etc.) and macroeconomics.

In order to reflect contemporary issues facing the machine-building enterprises, new specialization Project Management of Mechanical Engineering was set up at the Department, which provides in-depth training in economics.

2. Department of Integrated Manufacturing Engineering trains bachelors in Branch Machine Building and masters in Tool Production in the field of design, a production process of special instruments, tooling and equipment for creation and testing of instruments of all types and constructions.

Specialization Instrumental Systems and Formative Technologies have the main features of specialists in computer systems, programmers, production managers, as well as design and process engineers, capable of implementing a virtual engineering and possess the critical technologies of forming, explore and set limits of these technologies.

Specialization Technical Design combines the basics of training of designer and developer of technical objects with the relevant technological and artistic activities.

3. Department of Mechanics of Materials Plasticity and Resource-Saving Processes prepares bachelors in Applied Mechanics and masters in Equipment and Technologies for Plastic Forming of Construction of Machine-Building.

Students obtain fundamental training in complex technology of high-tech machine-building production and designing of compression-type machines and equipment for the manufacture of construction materials. Knowledge of information technology, the international quality system for engineering products, the organization of production, management, and marketing provide a strong demand for that kind of professionals by enterprises of different forms of ownership. The department has a specializations Technology and Design of Products for Special Purposes, Creation of Products from Nanostructured and Composite Materials.

4. Department of Applied Aerohydromechanics and Mechatronics trains high-quality bachelor in Applied Mechanics and masters in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines and Drive Systems for all branches of engineering (mechanical engineering, aviation, oil, and gas industry, industrial automation, motor-vehicle industry, medicine). The department has a specialization, which provides training in the area of Mechatronics Automation Systems in Machine Building.

Department graduates are engaged in the development of pneumatic and hydraulic devices used in automatic control machine tool systems, rolling mills, presses, in turbine control systems and internal combustion engines, aircraft and spacecraft, shipbuilding and transport equipment, road construction, agricultural and special equipment.

Targeted training and job placement of specialists is carried out at the department ("IRCOM", "Geofizpribor", ASTC "Antonov", representative offices of companies SMC, HYDAC, FESTO, Carnozzi, Karcher, Rexroth).

5. Department of Manufacturing Engineering trains high-quality bachelor in Applied Mechanics and masters in Technology of Manufacturing Engineering - a modern methods of production of mechanical engineering products with extensive use of CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems, industrial robots, computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, modern methods and means of quality control; practical skills of the production and HR management, knowledge of the laws of the market economy, marketing and management.

Specializations Manufacturing Technology of Aerospace Vehicles provide an in-depth computer training in the field of PLM-technologies, which greatly enhances employment opportunities. According to individual plans, professionals are trained who are working successfully in the fields of aerospace industry, manufacturing with the use of high-precision technology, machine tool building, instrument making, motor vehicle industry, aircraft industry, and electronics.

Educational and Training Center "NTUU "KPI" – HAAS", which is equipped with the modern CNC processing centers from the world-famed company HAAS (USA) operates at the department.

6. Department of Applied Mechanics trains high-quality bachelors in Applied Mechanics and masters in Engineering of Logistic Systems in the area of development and optimization of lifting-and-shifting machines, transport and storage systems, automated production systems based on extensive use of computer systems design and engineering, transportation management, warehousing and production facilities, planning and quality control.

Experts of this profile obtained fundamental engineering training and skills in the design and calculations of machines and mechanisms for lifting and transport vehicles, their testing, and diagnostics, optimization based on the use of logistics methods.

7. Department of Laser Technology and Material Science trains highly qualified bachelors in Applied Mechanics and masters in Laser Techniques and Physical Technical Materials Processing.

Training opportunities of the department include the modern industrial laser technological complexes, unique equipment for other non- traditional materials processing techniques, as well as various tools for traditional processing technology, well-equipped laboratories for materials science and classrooms with modern personal computers.

The curriculum provides the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge in the field of engineering, an organization of production and technology of mechanical engineering with an emphasis on a variety of non-conventional materials processing methods.

8. Department of Design of Machine Tools and Machines trains high-quality bachelors in Branch Machine Building and masters in Metal-Cutting Machine Systems, Machine Construction and Intellectual Property in Machine Building.

Specialty Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems provides training of design engineer in the field of mechanical engineering. Graduates receive advanced training in fundamental engineering construction and machinery manufacturing technology, industrial robots and other machines; the use of modern methods of searching for technical solutions, methods of theoretical and experimental research of machines; programming on PC, mathematical modeling, the fundamentals of patent and licensing work, technical service and repair of machinery and control systems; organization of production, the economics, the fundamentals of management and marketing.

Training Center with the programmer's working places was organized on the basis of digital program control from company Heidenhain (Germany).

Specialty Intellectual Property in Machine Building provides comprehensive training in international patent and licensing activity, international law in the field of intellectual property, the acquisition of intellectual property rights, management of intellectual property rights and their protection.

Educational Programs

Levels of higher education: Training of students at the IME is carried out at several levels of higher education. The first (Bachelor's, I – IV academic years) – the students acquire fundamental knowledge in physics, mathematics, mechanics, computer engineering, and special disciplines. During the IV year, they defend bachelor course works and receive qualification degree Bachelor.

At the second level, (Magistracy, V – VI academic years) training is carried out according to the Master program. Students are trained and acquire relevant skills including laboratory practice.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to continue their education in a graduate course, and then in a doctoral candidacy of the University.

Terms of specialists training: Bachelor (b) – 4 years; Master (m) – 2 years (standard terms of training at Bachelor course and Magistracy), Graduate course / Doctoral candidacy – 3 years (4 years by the correspondence study).

Training of specialists is carried out on the full-time and correspondence forms of education.

Training and Laboratory Base

Training-laboratory base of IME consists of educational and scientific Laboratories of Computer Engineering, Laboratory of Measurement Technology, Laboratories of Durability and Reliability, Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Materials, teaching and research Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling Methods in Mechanics of Solid Deformable Body, science and testing Center "Reliability", Training Center NTUU "KPI" - "HAAS", the Research Center of Special Technology, Training and cientific Center NTUU "KPI" – "FESTO", Joint Training Center NTUU "KPI" - Progresstech-Ukraine", Joint Center of CAD/CAM technologies NTUU "KPI "- Delcam, United Kingdom.

In the Educational and Training Center "NTUU "KPI" – HAAS" students are trained to use the advanced technology of machine-building production: beginning from the computer development of control programs for CNC machines with the help of modern integrated CAD/CAM systems and finishing by the production of parts with the use of lathe and milling centers of HAAS company (USA). Manufacturers are trained and retrained in the Center too. Center for postgraduate education was created at the faculty.

To improve the level of specialists' training, Training Center "NTUU "KPI" - FESTO" was established at the Department of Applied Aerohydromechanics and Mechatronics jointly with the Austro-German company FESTO. Center is equipped with the most advanced technique and training stands. Students can get acquainted with the modern methods of production and testing of systems and components of hydro automatic, CAD methods.

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Established in 1898 the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Igor Sikorsky KPI) – is one of the oldest technical university of Ukraine, Europe and world.

Established in 1898 the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Igor Sikorsky KPI) – is one of the oldest technical university of Ukraine, Europe and world. Read less