Bachelor of Electronics Engineering


Program Description

The Electronic Engineering career has a career of more than 20 years, which is characterized by teaching its students the latest technology. The fundamental objective has been the training of high-level professionals in the field of electronics, with diverse capabilities that lead the engineer to generate technology to design, plan, develop, integrate, innovate and maintain in operation the electronic systems of various sectors such as the electrical, communications, health, transport, industry and services. In this way, high levels of quality will always be maintained, in order to raise the productivity and competitiveness of companies.

The Electronics Engineer participates in the formulation and implementation of projects to solve engineering problems in various areas, by using microprocessors and microcontrollers, virtual instrumentation, as well as analog and digital electronic systems. To achieve this purpose, we have built a career that has different academic alliances with multinational companies, within which we can mention National Instrumentas for the area of virtual instrumentation and industrial control; Freescale Semiconductor, for the area of microprocessors and digital control and Xilinx, for the area of digital design.

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First year

1st Cycle
  • Reinforcement computer science I
  • Research and learning techniques
  • Physics I
  • Physical reinforcement I
  • Informatica I
  • Computer Reinforcement I
  • Descriptive technology
  • Mathematics I
  • Laboratory of mathematical operations I
  • Computer Science I
    • Reinforcement of computer science II
    • Evolution of science and technology
    • Physics II
    • Physical reinforcement II
    • Informatica II
    • Mathematics II
    • Laboratory of mathematical operations II
    • Computer Science II
    • Technical drawing

Second year

3rd Cycle
  • Electricity I
  • Physics III
  • Informatica III
  • Mathematics III
  • Linear algebra I
  • Computer Science III
    • Electricity II
    • Electronics I
    • Physics IV
    • Mathematics IV
    • Linear algebra II
    • Ordinary differential equations
    • Computer Science IV (E)

Third year

5th Cycle
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Electronics II
  • Electronica III
  • Physical V
  • Mathematics V
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Design and construction of electronic devices
    • Electrical installations
    • Microprocessors
    • Electronica IV
    • Informatica IV
    • Control theory
    • Mathematics VI

Fourth year

7th Cycle
  • Microprocessor applications
  • Systems theory I
  • Economy I
  • Power and motors
  • Mathematics VII
  • Operations Research Seminar I
  • Means of transmission I
    • Systems theory II
    • Economy II
    • Industrial automation
    • Robotics
    • Operations Research Seminar II
    • Telecommunications


Registration requirements

  • Perform placement exam (see location exam calendar).
  • Fill out registration form.
  • Submit legalized photocopy of the title of middle level and identity card or IPR.
  • Present original certifications of the last two years of middle level.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the Electronics Engineering degree, in the academic degree, the student must:

  • Pass the curriculum of the race.
  • Sustain TOEFL or ELASH test or its equivalence in the course of the race.
  • Private General Exam.
  • Thesis work.

Admission profile

Every student who has a middle level degree, who is willing to learn and who has an interest in knowing how the various technologies in the area of electronics, will allow you to provide solutions to any problem that may arise in the local industry. and international.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fund ... Read More

Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fundador y Rector, quien ha logrado conformar una propuesta educativa completamente diferente a la tradicional y que es impulsadora por un lema muy claro: “Educar es cambiar visiones y transformar vidas.” Read less
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