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Program Description

I can build bridges that span the whole world

In this program, you learn about and understand the context of international politics and economics, ecology and ethics, legal regulations and cultural ideas, as well as the art of diplomatic negotiations from scratch. Our students can see themselves either in the Federal Foreign Office, working for an international company or with an NGO.

(Re-)Thinking Management & Society

Our International Relations program is looking for students who are passionately interested in what's happening in the world and want to contribute positively by developing solutions for the major global challenges and finding peaceful resolutions to a conflict. If you like to soak up new information like a sponge and are willing to throw yourself into any new political debate, then this is the place for you. We will explore the major issues our world is facing, especially topics like peace, prosperity, environmental protection, justice and human rights. You should be socially engaged and curious about other cultures and their ways of thinking. You must want to build bridges as we believe in diplomacy as a driving force on the conflict-ridden world stage. Our students want to end conflict and exploitation peacefully, negotiating resolutions with words, knowledge and values. They are the future intermediaries between cultures and their respective interests.


The Karls – The University with an International Pulse

Experiencing interculturality and a diversity of ideas is a natural part of everyday life at the Karls. Our community is composed of students, faculty and staff from more than 50 countries from around the world. You will get to learn another language during the course of your studies at the Karls. Our overseas students can also learn German as a foreign language. You may get an opportunity to practice your language skills during your semester abroad. We have partnerships with over 100 universities across the world. At the Karls, we see ourselves as an international and intercultural hub for collaborative experiences. We embrace diversity and are socially inclusive.

Find Disruptive Solutions to Complex Problems

At the Karls, we do not spoon-feed you with mere factual knowledge or a 'universal truth'. Instead, our students learn to think critically about today’s realities, seek responsibility and find disruptive solutions to complex problems. The Karls is characterized by small classes (20-30 students) and supported by the strong network of our professors, lecturers and staff from various industries and academic fields. We take an interdisciplinary perspective on management and structure real-life practice and problem-solving into all our programs. Our students are chosen because they want to co-create sustainable change, are willing to assume responsibility and believe leadership is an opportunity to serve others and society. Our understanding of education follows the Principles for Responsible Management Education, which was launched at the 2007 UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit.


Real World Experience and Lifelong Networks

At the Karls, you get to practically apply the knowledge and skills that you are learning, right from the first semester. You can meet professionals, take field trips with your professors and fellow students, experience fascinating business venues and complete projects as part of your studies for real organizations. This builds your professional experience and develops real-life competencies. The Karls University becomes an idea factory designed to inspire different groups of students to seriously impress their clients.


Heart of Europe: Karlsruhe, Germany

Located right in the center of Karlsruhe, a young, vibrant, multi-cultural student city in the South of Germany, you will find your new home in the warmest city in Germany, also known as its internet capital with a vivid start-up community. We are at the pulse of European quality of life: culture, economy, urban lifestyle and nature. Travelling around is fast and easy and there is a lot to explore all around Europe.

Did you know Germany was the third most sought international study destination after the USA and UK? After successfully completing your degree in our program, you will automatically be eligible to stay in the country for up to 18 months on a job-seeking visa. And since you have the opportunity to learn German as part of your studies at the Karls, the Bachelor program really gives you the chance to take a crucial step towards a job in Germany afterwards.

Ready to apply? Requirements and Admission

Do you see yourself as a part of the Karls community? Do you want to make a difference – for yourself and others? Are in the process of transforming yourself and need help? We would love to hear from you! The general study requirements for our Bachelor’s program are:

  • German university entrance qualification or international equivalent (more information)
  • To start in an English-speaking program, we do not require knowledge of German; your English proficiency should correspond to a level of C1 or above according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is equivalent to an IELTS of 6.5+ or an Internet-based TOEFL score of 100+ points. If English your native language you do not need to prove your proficiency.

You can find all details regardings the application, required documents and the admission process on our website. The application deadline for non-EU students is April 15 and for EU students is August 31. Admission is only possible for the winter semester in September. Our number of slots are limited so do not hesitate, so apply now and save your spot!

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Karlshochschule International University (or as we call it: the Karls) is a foundation-owned, private, non-profit university. It is accredited by the Wissenschaftsministerium (Ministry of Science) of ... Read More

Karlshochschule International University (or as we call it: the Karls) is a foundation-owned, private, non-profit university. It is accredited by the Wissenschaftsministerium (Ministry of Science) of the Baden-Württemberg state and also has a Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) Systems Accreditation. Read less