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The universe of professional orders organizations to reconcile the company's interests with those of those who work it. Recent years have been unique in the socioeconomic history of Pernambuco, considering the generated set of initiatives already being implemented or in the middle of negotiations and planning.

RH MANAGER is to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the corporation, articulating the professional fulfillment and personal satisfaction of its main asset, the developer.

Job market

The current market situation requires the high competitiveness indexes organizations. The complexity of Brazilian labor law, the acceleration of turnover due to the entry of "Generation Y" in the market and the relentless pursuit of productivity, are facts that confirm the extent of the market. A context that enables the rise of the human resources manager, especially in medium and large companies, whether public or private service. The daily emergence of new companies, and the importance of enhancement of human capital for the achievement of strategic objectives ensures busy schedule of advisory services and specialized consulting.

playing field

Understanding the business world to conduct human capital processes of organizations is the main activity of the human resources manager.

Vocational training in FACIPE also enables the performance in several areas, from human resources planning to the headhunting services. Recruitment and selection; training and development; construction wage policies; safety, hygiene and health at work; conflict resolution; are some of the functions that these professionals can play.

Able to understand and articulate various fields for business administration, HR Manager may act at any level of the organization, developing strategies for the enhancement of the team's results, in addition to consulting and advisory services. You can also follow the academic career, ever thought about being a researcher, teacher or lecturer? The area is vast and the choice is yours!



To train professionals capable of combining the professional competence to a critical consciousness, considering the trends governing the production of knowledge in the areas of knowledge management in Human Resources, for the acquisition of specific professional skills formed therein, and especially the construction of the entrepreneurial spirit that can generate growth and social development and prepare, in a broad sense, the human being to life.


• Train managers with an emphasis on entrepreneurship able to: Plan, supervise, guide and control of Human Resource Management services. • Interact creatively deal with various organizational and social contexts; deal with innovative management models, operating capacity in favorable environments, encouraging and expanding opportunities to create new businesses that influence the advancement of society, affecting mainly the needs of Pernambuco community. • Provide students the construction of theoretical and conceptual knowledge and its application in marketing relationships that are subject to the companies. • Provide technological tools which provide basic actions and procedures consistent with the demands of the Human Resources Management; build intellectual basis, articulating policy and technical professional autonomy possibilities and effective performance of its functions in the market. • Preparing citizens for ethical conduct and critical and creative thinking, and processing agent in the professional market and society; encourage the student to the relentless pursuit of knowledge, forming a professional that is characterized by constantly updating management information.

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