B.A. in Sociology


Program Description

Sociology addresses the most challenging matters facing society today. If you desire to better understand the complex social forces that affect people’s lives, as well as to become engaged in the study of and solutions to these issues, sociology is the place for you. The sociological perspective is both intellectually rewarding and practically useful for future career paths.

If you want both an involved understanding and a set of practical skills to address these issues, then Sociology is the subject for you!

Are you looking for a socially relevant liberal arts discipline that opens your career options in the field of: Non-Profit, Education, Public Policy, Law, Law Enforcement, Social Work, Government, Business, and Administration?

Are you looking for analytical skills to develop socially relevant knowledge from the vast amount of information available around you?

Then Sociology is the subject for you!

Program Highlights

  • Franciscan perspectives on social justice, human rights and civic engagement.
  • Civic-oriented travel courses to places such as Mississippi, Maine, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Bolivia and Scotland.
  • Diverse faculty expertise, including: the Civil Rights Movement, health and aging, criminology, immigration, labor migration, civic engagement, media studies and subcultures.
  • Applied media studies courses where students learn new technology, including photography, documentary film and visual sociology tools.
  • Ability to participate in annual sociology student symposium.
  • Students and faculty attend sociology conferences together.
  • Project and team-based learning.
  • Senior capstone course.
  • Service learning programs, volunteer work and internships.
  • Preparation for careers in community and social services, administrative support/management, program coordinators/human resources, criminal justice and law enforcement, education, government, research, marketing and the nonprofit sector.

Requirements for the Major (36 credits)

  • SOCI101 - The Sociological Perspective 3 credits


  • SOCI120 - Global Social Problems 3 credits


  • SOCI130 - The Family 3 credits


  • SOCI304 - Research Methods I 3 credits
  • SOCI306 - Research Methods II 3 credits
  • SOCI390 - Social Theory Seminar 3 credits
  • SOCI490 - Seminar in Sociology 3 credits
  • SOCI495 - Senior Capstone Thesis 3 credits

Four courses with a SGLB attribute (12 credits)
Sociology Electives (6 credits)

Auxiliary courses (6 credits)

  • ECON102 - Principles of Economics, Macro 3 credits


  • ATDV110 - Statistics for Social Science 3 credits


  • QBUS200 - Business Statistics I 4 credits

Skills Developed

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication and writing
  • Research and statistical analysis
  • Understanding of cultural diversity
  • Civic and social responsibility
  • Leadership skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Public speaking
  • Networking

Employers of our Graduates

  • Unity House
  • Girls, Inc.
  • City Year
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Colonie Police Department
  • NYC Commission on Human Rights

Internship Sites

  • Commercial Investigations, Troy, NY
  • Best Buddies New York
  • Siena Research Institute
  • Homeless and Travelers Aid Society, Albany
  • Cancer Services Program, American Cancer Society
  • St. Pius X School
  • Siena College Athletics Department
  • Unity House
  • USCRI (Columbia University)
  • South End Improvement Corporation
  • Media Alliance
Last updated Jan 2018

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Siena College is more than a liberal arts college, it is a learning community that prepares students for a successful life filled with compassion and drive, service and responsibility. Here, we believ ... Read More

Siena College is more than a liberal arts college, it is a learning community that prepares students for a successful life filled with compassion and drive, service and responsibility. Here, we believe that making a good living and living a good life go hand in hand. And we prove, over and over again, that an education like the one you receive at Siena comes along once in a lifetime. Welcome! Read less